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Criminal Defense and Appeals

Expert Guidance

Have you been charged with a crime? Have you already been convicted of a crime, and feel as though that conviction was handed down in error? Let us help. Criminal lawyers are trained to help their clients navigate challenging and often-times confusing legal situations with ease, all while representing and fighting for their clients' best interests. 

The Criminal Process in New Jersey

Typically people first encounter the criminal justice system when they are written a ticket or summons, arrested, or placed under investigation. If any of these things happen to you, consider it time to contact a criminal defense attorney. 

In New Jersey, crimes are largely divided into two categories: (1) felonies, and (2) disorderly persons offenses. Disorderly persons offenses are called misdemeanors in many other states.

If you are arrested, the first time you see a judge will be at a 

If you have been arrested on felony charges, a grand jury will have to return an indictment or you will have to waive indictment by a grand jury before proceedings on the charges begin.